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What we do

Our same day delivery involves an immediate response by a dedicated driver, who will collect your items as soon as possible or at a time requested by you. This service gives you maximum flexibility with urgent or confidential deliveries and a guarantee that your goods are secure and delivered on time. Immediate collection and delivery can be arranged for National and European destinations.

Cargo Express Delivery (UK) Ltd providing UK and European hanging garments delivery service. Our customers are the big clothing wholesalers, manufacturers, retail outlets, distributors based in UK and Europe. We will collect your garments once they are ready and deliver as soon as possible or at a time requested by you to the warehouses or to the high street retail outlet.

With several years of experience in professional shipping and logistics our Freight Forwarding team can offer a full range of services to help transport your goods anywhere in the world by Sea, Air or Road, efficiently and economically.

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