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Hanging Garments

Hanging Garments

Specialised fleet giving the capability to deliver hanging garments, ready for the shop floor./p>

Cargo Express Delivery (UK) Ltd providing UK and European hanging garments delivery service. Our customers are the big clothing wholesalers, manufacturers, retail outlets, distributors based in UK and Europe. We will collect your garments once they are ready and deliver direct or on set time to the warehouses or to the high street retail outlet.

Our specialised fleet of 3.5t long wheel based vans equipped with top, middle and lower level of adjustable rail garment racking systems that can be positioned to cope with various garment sizes and can take up to 4000 single garments per load depending on thickness.

With our specialised fleet of vehicles we can offers dedicated service delivering fashion logistics to warehouses, manufacturing and High Streets outlets in either hanging or boxed state throughout the UK and Europe.

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